XC Skate Park Hemel Hempstead: Unleash Your Inner Skater

Welcome to the UK’s finest covered skate park, XC Hemel Hemstead: the ultimate experience for skateboarders, scooter riders, rollerbladers, and BMX riders alike.

With intricately designed facilities and a vibrant atmosphere, the XC skatepark is here to take your passion for extreme sports to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, our park offers something for every skill level.

Our facilities offer an unparalleled skatepark experience, featuring cutting-edge ramps, rails, bowls and more. Come visit us today and take your skatepark game to the next level!

Vert ramps

We provide a range of vertical ramps and are the only location near London to have a resi ramp. It is surrounded by two quarter pipes, creating the perfect setup for practicing big airs and safely executing intricate tricks.

Street section

We have an amazing street section with a huge variety of quarter pipes, flat banks, boxes, manny pads and Hubbas (for regular and goofy skaters alike). We also have a serious grind rail down the middle, and a hesh rail over the step up for those who dare!

Bowl sections

Our park has the only covered concrete pool and bowl complex in the UK. It features pool coping, tiles, a filter box (death box) and even steps! Our huge concrete bowl has two tiers, ideal for picking up and maintaining speed, and two hips going down into the deep end, perfect for vert skaters.


Get unlimited access to walls, bouldering, or our first-rate skate park. As a member, you’ll also enjoy quick check-ins, discounts on yoga classes, free online pre-booking, access to exclusive events and competitions, and much more.

Master the art of skating and scooting

Mini Shredders

Our open session is ideal for young riders aged 4 to 7. Our park is equipped for a safe and enjoyable experience for riders of all skill levels. Please note that this is an unsupervised session.

Private Scooter lessons for beginners

Our one to one or two to one Scooter sessions are perfect for kids aged 4+. During these private lessons, beginners will learn the basics of scooter riding, including balance, control, and proper technique. Our experienced instructors will guide them through each step, ensuring a safe and fun learning experience.

ABC skateboard Lessons

We host regular junior skateboarding lessons run by the ABC Skateboarding team. These courses are ideal for beginners and continue on with lessons for intermediate and advanced skaters. We also host regular drop-in sessions for adults looking to learn new techniques or build up their confidence if they haven’t been on a board for a while.


Do I need my own skateboard, BMX, scooter, etc?

Yes, you will need to bring your own skateboard, BMX, scooter, etc, to the XC skate park, Hemel Hempstead. We do not provide equipment for rent or loan. Having your own equipment ensures that you can practice with something you are comfortable with and fits your riding style.

Under 18s
All riders and skaters under 18 need to wear helmets at all times.

 Helmets are mandatory when riding transition (Bowl & Pool). While we strongly recommend that helmets are worn at all times, wearing them in other areas of the park is at your own discretion.

All riders
Pads are optional but highly recommended.

Age restrictions will be displayed on the session you wish to book.

Unfortunately we do not currently have private BMX lessons available. However, we do offer fantastic scooter lessons and skateboard lessons for ages as low as 4.

  • All riders under 18 must keep a helmet on at all times.
  • No waxing of the pool or any other coping in the skatepark.
  • No scooters are permitted in the pool.
  • Only one person to ride the pool or bowl at any one time.
  • Do not hang your wheel over any coping whilst waiting to drop in.
  • No stunt pegs are to be used on the resi, and bar ends must remain in.
  • No snaking.
  • No intentional sliding on the vert wall
  • Do not sit on the wall ride or any metal railings.
  • No stopping in busy areas for an extended period of time.
  • Tops must be worn at all times.
  • No food in the skatepark, and no drinks on the ramps.
  • Alcohol is not permitted in the building.