The XC: Your Destination for Unsupervised Rock Climbing

Discover the thrill of rock climbing and bouldering at The XC’s cutting-edge climbing wall in Hemel Hempstead! Our indoor climbing gym boasts 14m high walls and a bouldering area of nearly 900m2, offering unparalleled freedom and flexibility for climbers of all skill levels.

Whether you’re a seasoned rock climber or just starting out, XC climbing wall is the ideal place to hone your skills and experience an exhilarating adventure. Test your limits and conquer big walls with our diverse range of climbing routes. Partake in different styles of climbing on our indoor climbing wall, from leisurely top roping to adrenaline fuelled lead climbing, or even choose lead climbing at one of the UK’s finest indoor gyms. Don’t miss out on your chance to become a better climber – visit The XC’s climbing wall today!

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What kind of unsupervised rock climbing can I do?

The XC offers unsupervised rock climbing for all skill levels and abilities. Whether you’re into casual or competitive climbing, our wall has something for everyone. Test your skills with various routes and techniques, from vertical climbs to overhangs.


Our dedicated space of nearly 900m2 is an ideal playground, with 75+ blocs available to refine your technique and beat the boulder. Our carefully crafted bouldering problems cater to climbers of all levels, from beginners to advanced, ensuring that everyone can find a satisfying challenge.

Roped climbing

Our 14m high walls offer over a wide range of routes that cater to climbers of all levels, from beginners to elite athletes. With a variety of overhangs, natural holds, and feature rock climbing walls, you’ll find endless challenges and opportunities for growth.

Auto belay

We have 6 auto belays with over 24 different routes, are perfect for experienced climbers who want to challenge themselves without needing belayer assistance. Our auto belays will provide you with an exhilarating and safe ascent that will keep you coming back for more!

Social climbing

Ideal for experienced climbers and individuals who have been assessed as competent. Our team of instructors will provide guidance and assistance as you take on various climbs and challenges. Do not allow nervousness to hinder your progress – embrace the exhilaration of climbing in a supportive and sociable setting!


Get unlimited access to walls, bouldering, or our first-rate skate park. As a member, you’ll also enjoy quick check-ins, discounts on yoga classes, free online pre-booking, access to exclusive events and competitions, and much more.

Why Choose Rock Climbing at The XC?


Do I need to book in advance for unsupervised climbing?

No, you do not need to book in advance for unsupervised climbing, although we do reccommend it for a quicker entry. Our facility is open for climbers of all levels, so you are welcome to unleash your climbing rope with us at any time during our operating hours. However, we do strongly recommend booking in advance for our instructor-led sessions and social climbing evenings to ensure your spot is reserved.

Do you know your harness from your belay device or your climbing shoe? We ask that all unsupervised climbers are approved as competent by our instructors or have received a bouldering briefing or induction. These options ensure that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the climbing area safely on your own.

Unsupervised Rock climbing may not be suitable for new climbers, however we have fantastic taster sessions, bouldering inductions, and courses that will get you up to speed.

The minimum age requirement for unsupervised climbing at The XC is 14 years old. We believe that at this age, climbers have developed the necessary strength, coordination, and decision-making skills to climb independently. This check must be booked and paid for in advance if between the ages of 14-17. For 18+ this does not need to be pre-booked. For climbers under 14 years old, we offer supervised sessions and courses tailored to their age group. Safety is our top priority, and we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment.

At The XC, the safety of our participants is our top priority. We are dedicated to creating a secure climbing environment by strictly adhering to the safety protocols established by the Association of British Climbing Walls (ABC). Our walls undergo regular inspections and maintenance by certified professionals to ensure their structural integrity.

We provide all the necessary safety equipment, including harnesses, helmets, and top ropes. Our friendly instructors are highly knowledgeable in proper belaying techniques and will be there to assist you throughout your climbing experience. Our instructors are always available to assist you, as we maintain set instructor-to-climber ratios.

We do ask that unsupervised climbers do not participate in free soloing of any kind.

We do offer equipment hire for shoes, harnesses, belay devices, and chalk bags for rental if you don’t have your own but these are subject to availability. If you have your own equipment that is in good condition you can use it. (Note to climbers: You’ll need to bring an appropriately rated 30m rope (minimum) to lead the walls at XC.) Additionally, for those interested in indoor rock climbing, we have a variety of options available at our facility.

We have 20 lead lines, with a great variety of routes. Most routes range from 4 – 7c+ in difficulty. We have a natural feature wall which can be climbed without using any holds at all, climbers can utilise the natural holds and features of the wall to make it to the top. Our walls feature a combination of Lightwave, Cristalithe and Mozaik climbing systems 

Our 6 Auto Belays allow you to climb alone should you wish, 1 of which is on the 14m wall. 

We have 16 top rope ready walls. 10 on our 14m high walls, and 6 on 8m walls. The routes grade from 3 – 7c and are reset regularly to provide an adequate challenge and variety for experienced climbers.  

We also have a reinforced wall section that you can use to practice trad placements, but please note you will need to be backed up by a top rope when practicing this. Please ask the team for more info if you’re interested in trying trad climbing at XC.